I love me a good spice blend and the Lotus Essence is dangerously delicious!

Rashidah Denton; Washington D.C.

It's different, in a great way. It's amazing at how versitile it is!

Rob Patterson; Pennsylvania

Listen!!! This spice is blessing my life!! I love it!

Kristopher Lamont, Michigan

I absolutely love these spices. They are amazing!!

Samantha Jackson; Houston,TX

Lagniappe (A little SOMETHING EXTRA)


Gumbo Ya Ya

Want to ward off the evil spirits of bad Gumbo? Defend yourself from the dark arts of bad gumbo and enlighten your house and soul with the healing powers of proper Gumbo!

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Let's Talk "Dirty"

Dirty rice is a traditional Afro-Creole dish named for the color it takes on. It's earthy, heavily spiced, and hearty. Let us introduce you this timeless side dish and that's easy to master. It all starts off with the right ingredients. Click below to get started!



Spice Vault

Come and take a journey deep into the age old practice of curating and using spices to promote healing in your kitchen. Here you will learn about the different spices that make our blends some of the most flavorful and powerful you'll ever use.